Custom Clearance


Custom Clearance receives your shipment at sea and air ports or directly from the warehouse, takes care of all Customs clearance procedures and delivers it to our customer’s door. Our dedicated customs clearance team is well equipped to understand the procedure in respective airports and seaports in India. Our Network partners facility has been used for all inco terms movements in a competitive and time sensitive manner. In recent years we have expanded our network dramatically and today we offer services to customers Worldwide. projects are becoming more complicated, cargoes may come from several origins and all shipments need to arrive at the same time, regardless of where they are coming from.


  • Brokerage business, co-ordination and follow –up services that are business process
  • Supervision and accuracy on the shipment of goods and products
Custom Clearance
  • Follow-up and coordination of telephone and communications with stakeholders.
  • To provide the best solutions and communicate with the largest amount of customers to achieve the desired goal of commercial brokerage to deliver a specific product of service.